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Originally Posted by nottango View Post
Hey Hope - we've been here before, huh! Welcome to the club! I know you have extra challenges. I have to say, I felt quite guilty after realizing that I'd been telling you to work harder when you couldn't and didn't know why. I'm really sorry.
I have a feeling every spring we'll be restarting this thread to get rid of the winter weight!
Wouldn't it be nice if we all met our goals and then we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore?
Hey Nottango!!! Good to hear from you!!!! Long time!!! It's so sweet of you but don't feel sorry, honey. You didn't know. Man, I used to be such a gym rat; I'll tell you, I miss those work outs. No, really!!! I do!!!!
As for being on this thread, it's like deja vu all over again, isn't it? We'll get each other through. Come on, we're sooooo close to our goals...
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