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Ken, this is a great topic.

With me, as with everyone, it's a transition from emotional eating to "eat to live". I used to be highly addicted to cheese, pizza, cookies, chocolate, etc etc. This was in June 2011 so not long ago.

I joined FD in the later part of July. I started logging my foods and paid close attention to my macros. After getting them under control I focused on my micronutrients. That took a few more months to bring THEM into healthy ranges. All along I was learning. It was a challenge to get my numbers "right" and it became a FUN challenge. And very rewarding too.

By the end of this process, somewhere around 5-6 months into tracking, I was in the HABIT of "eating to live". Then I discovered that I had developed a taste for these "good foods" and really didn't miss the "bad foods" any longer. And I constantly think of the bad foods as "poison". I've demonized sugar, whites, processed foods, saturated fats, etc etc. Not to say I'll NEVER eat them again, just that if/when I do it will be very limited.

So the bottom line to transitioning for me to "eat to live" is this:

1) eat clean
2) after a while, you'll be more in the habit of eating clean
3) you'll be totally immersed in eating clean, habitually, and your taste buds will change and you'll enjoy it.
4) autopilot begins, where not much thinking about deviating occurs
5) the benefits of health are what now keeps me "eating to live", and this, along with the power of HABIT (#3) are what keeps me anchored.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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