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Originally Posted by sjpisjabba View Post
kimbur96 we are the same height, same weight, same goal weight, and from your pics we have the exact same build! what's your strategy to take it off?
I'm eating 900-1100 calories of food a day. Lots of protein, more than 30% protein would like to be closer to 50%. Whole grains i.e. ww bread, ww pasta, brown rice. I have eliminated white flour pretty much. Fresh fruit. Veggies are my sore spot. I just don't like many vegetables. I drink 80+ oz water daily. Little to no caffeine. My work out goal is 5 x week for weights followed by 30-60 minutes of cardio.

I was stuck at 132 for almost 3 weeks. I know how frustrating it can be when the scale won't budge. Crazy thing is my clothes were loser, I could tell that but some how I wanted/needed the validation of the scale moving. I had my body fat tested and it too had dropped. That really encouraged me and then FINALLY the scale dropped a pound, then another pound in the same week and now i am holding again at 130. Been here a few days but I am ok with that. It seems to be the way i loose. Not to mention we have to deal with TOTM and fluid we hold which can make the scale even tougher at times to move.

Hang in there. And I know it's hard for all of us but look at the way your clothes are fitting, look at your self changing in the mirror. It's much more accurate than the scale. Eventually the scale will move too.
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