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i got on the scale this morning and was the exact same weight i was almost a week ago, despite several trips to the gym and being pretty careful about food. i feel like i'm going to need a miracle to get the numbers to start moving...yes, i'm seeing a little bit of improvement in the mirror and i know the whole "it's muscle weight" argument but i just want to see that number go down (ok maybe it's a bit of vanity but still, i'm working hard here!!!). grrr!

anyway, i'm glad we've got a support group going, i know that will keep me inspired!

my next mini-goal - 129.0 by 3/5/12
Sara Jane

Age: 33
Height: 5'3''
Current weight: 127.8 (3/20/12)
130.0 (2/29/12)
Start weight: 132.6 (2/17/12)
Goal weight: 120.0 (4/30/12)
Secretly-would-love-to-be: 118.0 (5/5/12)
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