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I understand how you feel, when I was pregnant with my last child I had a doctor who was just like that. I had morning sickness so bad that I could not get off the floor in my restroom. As uncomfortable as it sounds it was, even found myself getting woke up by my boyfriend carrying my in to our bedroom and putting me in our bed. It was really bad and when my boyfriend took me to the doctor and she thought that I had been eating sugary or greasy foods, but I tried to explain that I had nothing to eat in days. I got my told you so, when I went to another doctor in the same office and he put me in the hospital for a week and by that time I had lose almost 30 pounds. Which would have been ok if I wasn't pregnant, and it had been longer than a few week weeks. I do not care for doctor either, but especially the one that we happened to get. I am sorry for your bad experience it really sucks when people do not believe you, even when there's no reason for them to doubt you
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