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Originally Posted by 1fitchallenge View Post
I wouldnt be myself if I didnt write something about this years Oscars.

My biggest favourite was "Hugo" but he got only technical awards. The big fishes went to "the artist" which isnt that bad cause it is good movie still.

It was my first oscars academy awards watching live (cause its starts at 2.30 am in poland) and I was suprised that it was so modest and not-glamour like. Like the magic of the movies was really in hearts of those people - make me wanna watch movies even more

I am curious about you guys - did you watch it? did you like it? did your favourites won? what are your feelings about this awards?

Or maybe you watched NBA ALL STAR GAME? but that is for different thread

WOW you watched it LIVE from Poland? You are dedicated!! Someday I would love to visit Poland. Such beautiful people. Sto Lat!

I wasn't able to watch the whole program, I saw the end of it... my husband did not care to watch it at all so I had to wait for him to go to bed. ("You look sleepy darling, maybe you should go to bed!" We just have one television.

I saw the Iron Lady and I thought the award was deserved. I will have to see Hugo, it was on my list of movies to watch "someday" when I saw the promotional commercials for it.
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