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Default Who's got just 10-15 Pounds?

Hi, does anyone else out there have just 10-15 pounds to lose? I am always highly motivated by the postings by people who have lost a ton of weight, but I was hoping to find some others in my situation. I've heard that the last 10 are the hardest to lose, so maybe some group support on this would help!

I've never been truly overweight but my weight does fluctuate up and down 5-10 pounds. The past year I haven't been at the top of my game so to speak, I've been feeling sluggish, not eating very clean, and not being consistent with my workouts. I was very sick last year and I think that set me back a bit. Plus I think I gained some "happy weight" after cuddle time with my boyfriend.

I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds before April 30 (secretly I would like to get to 118.0 before a Hawaii trip the first week of May...but the last time I weighed that I was like 15 and I'm 33 now). I've been trying to eat ~1500 calories a day and workout a few times a week but it's a busy time of year at work so hopefully this will only get better. I started seriously with my goal last week by giving up sugar completely (bad sweet tooth) and eating healthier foods and logging everything, working out with higher intensity, and focusing on rest. I already feel the difference, my body feels cleaner, but I'm worried I won't stick with it without some other encouragement. And the last 10 pounds are so hard that if you just slip a teeny bit you're right back where you started.

Who else is out there? Let's motivate each other!

Start weight: 132.6 (2/17/12)
Current weight: 130.0 (2/26/12)
Official goal weight: 120.0 (4/30/12)
Secretly-would-love-to-be: 118.0 (5/5/12)
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