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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I may end up with 3:07 but I'll go as fast as I can. Thanks for the invite on yelling at you and pushing you until you puke this week!
wait an effing minute! I'm pretty sure I said push me, provoke me, and call me names. I don't remember ANYthing about PUKE!!! And I'm still all for the provoking, not so much down with the puking.

First day back went.....well it went. To say work was a disaster is an understatement. I'm roughly a quarter the way through last week's paperwork, and then I get to start on this week's. yay. And that's just the paperwork side of the job. My work station was a mess. I used lots of colorful language today, and will probably use more of the same tomorrow. Calories were over today, but I ain't stressing over it. It'll all even out by the end of the week. My cousin bailed on Zumba tonight, but honestly didn't really think she'd go through with it. It is what it is, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting on her. If she shows next Monday, great. If not, I'll go it alone again. I'm finally getting a little better rhythmically I'm not sure if it was extra hot in the studio tonight, but I was sweating bullets! And I'm not much of a sweater. Seriously, I used to be able to play 7 full innings of softball in mid-June South Carolina heat and humidity and barely break a sweat. So, maybe that means it's working??? Tomorrow I'm gonna go hang with the ex roomies for a bit. My other cousin (remember the refrigerator stealing one?) said she'd walk with me. It's in a rough neighborhood, but it'll push me a little more. There's some hella big hills, so it'll hurt in a good kinda way.

Pam-good to see you back! Sounds like your trip was a blast!

Amy-sorry to hear about your fingers. but aren't you just Super Mom making those costumes!! And awww baby bunnies any minute! I know the DD's are excited.

Gotta run to Wal-Mart for some stuff that I forgot the other night. And to put gas in the car. Will post goal updates later.

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