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I'm here. This week is going to be NUTS, and my hands are in very bad shape, so typing is difficult. I have 10 fingers, just like everyone else, and almost every single one is cracked right now, there is seriously blood on the keyboard. We've had a cold snap and I've been sewing, 2 things guaranteed to split my fingers wide open. I'm eyeball deep in Betsy Ross costumes. My DD (love her but could KILL her) is doing a presentation on Betsy in a competition this Sat. It's split, part is Betsy at 14 and then again at 24. At 14 she's a Quaker daughter, grey dress, white cap, white apron (and ugh so plain it could be prison clothing). At 24 she's a widow, black black black, with a 1/2 finished flag across her lap. Why does she do this to me? Why do I let her? I've already told her that next year she must start earlier and do her own rassin frassin sewing. On top of all that her February reading project is due Wednesday, so she's down in the basement right now building a log cabin. I hate to say it, but I stood back and made DH do that one. It's keeping her alive right now, because between my hands and her neck there is a flight of stairs and a table saw.

But I have to tell you I feel good about her doing this competition. It's hard to explain, she's really an average kid, goofy, a little chubby, obnoxious, frequently a pain in the butt, all grandiose ideas and very little work ethic, however when she puts on her bonnet and takes the center of attention, she's something else. She brings something to it that is hard to define. Another parent watched her monolog last Friday, and she turned to me and said "let's have our girls put together a group project next year and we can sweep the whole thing and go to National's together". I do think our daughters would compliment each other well on stage, but they might kill each other in the process.

Anyway, my fingers are in bad shape, I'll be reading along this week. I'll post some goals hopefully tomorrow. Right now I have to put kids to bed.

No baby bunnies yet, should be any time now, she's built a nest and has been licking the mineral wheel A LOT. Poor thing, you can tell she's uncomfortable, she can hardly hop with her big fat belly, it's about dragging on the cage floor. She also spends a lot of time giving Romeo Stud Muffin the evil eye, and really you can't blame her.
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