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Default Back from an awesome trip

Hi Everyone,
I actually forgot it was Monday (even though I am at work), therefore time to start a new plan.

If you ever get the chance, take a long train trip. We had such a wonderful time. A relaxing 2 days (with a 2 day stop in Portland OR) to Montana, 4 vigorous days of cross country skiing and then a 2 day (nonstop) relaxing trip back to SoCal. Basically 4 overnights in a sleeper, a total of 8 meals - all quite good - and a few opportunities here and there to get off the train, stretch the legs and catch some fresh air.

DH is off planning the next train adventure .

I'll post pix later

So this week will be interesting. Those of you who were around about this time last year may remember a rambling discussion/debate about me trying to lose the "last 10 pounds". Ultimately I decided that I would focus on building muscle by joining CrossFit and just maintaining the weight. Well this year a couple gym buddies started a low carb, 8 week or 10lb challenge and talked me into joining. So Wed the challenge begins.

I have never been much of a super low carb dieter, but hey, I am pretty sure I can manage for at least 4 or 5 weeks.

So for now:
Goals for the week:
1.) 1 liter of water, just water, everyday
2.) 2 CrossFit, 2 Yoga, 2 runs
3.) Weigh in Wed and post
4.) Get meal plans together for the week
5.) Get trip pictures uploaded and posted
6.) Start seedlings for spring garden


7.) Cut back bougainvilla vine
8.) Dig and replant 2 small shrubs in front garden
9.) Feed and prune roses
10) Pick-up and plant new peach tree.

Mike, good luck on the 1/2 mara, but you really need to get a training program so you don't go out and kill yourself on these walks and take 4 weeks to recover. And why does 3:05 look familiar
5'4" 55yr

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