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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I'm down just about 2 pounds in less than a full week!

My back has really been bothering me, I just got back from the chiropractor. I'll be doing the race on an old, worn out, pissy pair of shoes (I'll take pics of the grass stains from cutting grass in them) and no real training just to prove how much you can do with will power and determination!

My goal for this week:

1. Finish 1/2 marathon in 3:05!
aahhh finish it in 3:07...I was up 2 pounds, and that can be my punishment. Giving you more time

Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Tori!!!! If you don't do your workouts this week there will be CONSEQUENCES! When I am not so frazzled I'll come up with something
oooohh can the consequences be in the form of a really hot personal trainer?????

Originally Posted by kimbur96 View Post
I'm in! I'll post later with goals

Tori Glad you got your second wind and that your home safely, lets make this a good week. I'm starting the week off feeling pretty positive.
Kim, thanks! I'm also on the positive side of things, glad that I have some company

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Hey, guys, I'm in this week, too! I was around last week, just really busy so not much in posting mode. My big goal for the week is to see under 160 before I head back to Illinois to visit old friends on Saturday. This morning I weighed in at 162.2, so could be a stretch, but aim high, right?
Joanna, good to see you again! Hope all is going well

Originally Posted by fit4luv View Post
Tori ~ I'm going to watch your workouts this week. That's going to be my focus on you. So be aware!
haha, Luv, you're so sweet, it'd be like being scared of a bunny rabbit! but accountability helps!!!

Everyone else, sorry I didn't get a chance to reply personally to you, running late for Zumba. But know that I'm rooting you on!!

I'm missing some people though......Amy?? Cassie?? April?? Mern?? Where are you guys????????

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