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From a month ago...
Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Okay... the "prizes" for this bet seem awefully one sided. I know I'm the only dude in this crazy camp but remember I live in a house full of crazy females. I'm use to standing my ground.

I'll come up with a fair one for me that I think we can all agree on. My last 1/2 marathon I did it in 3:03:01
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That was with beautiful weather. I have no idea what the weather, or my back will be like in another 5 weeks!

For every pound that I gain, I drop a minute off my time. For every pound that I lose, I can add a minute to my time. I know that Tori is going to say something like "I cut 5 mintues off of my 2 mile time", that 3:03 is already 45 minutes faster than my original race. Considering that I can't run farther than 100 yards and that's faster than a 14 minute mile, that's MORE than fair.

Tori, what's your plan?
I'm down just about 2 pounds in less than a full week!

My back has really been bothering me, I just got back from the chiropractor. I'll be doing the race on an old, worn out, pissy pair of shoes (I'll take pics of the grass stains from cutting grass in them) and no real training just to prove how much you can do with will power and determination!

My goal for this week:

1. Finish 1/2 marathon in 3:05!

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