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Hey guys, firstly - well done for wanting to stop - that's the first step taken! I stopped 2 years ago last week and it was honestly the best thing I have ever done. I went cold turkey. Just picked a date and stopped. I went on holiday to a couple of friends house who didn't smoke which probably made it a bit easier as the temptation to smoke in the house wasn't there. I did put on weight which has brought me to this web site now. I put on about 20lbs, but can't blame all that on stopping smoking - most of it I would probably have put on anyway! The good thing now though is that when I started exercising I didn't have the smoking unfitness to battle with along with the fat unfitness (if that makes any sense!).

I was at a wedding at the weekend, and had a bit of a smug smile inwardly at all the poor souls who had to keep going outside for a smoke and then coming back in smelling foul. 2 more great reasons for giving up.

Go for it. It will be horrible for the first wee while, but the feelings of achievement you get once you quit are more than enough to make up for the brief discomfort!
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