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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
I really think you are making this harder than it is. Are you logging your foods? When looking at your entries for a day, scroll down and you will see the macro-nutrient breakdown for everything you've entered. While it is true that food combinations can effect how effeciently those nutrients are assimilated, unless you are specifically avoiding a nutrient it won't have a significant effect on how much your body assimilates. If your percentages are in the ranges you indicated it means you are balancing your diet and your bodies inefficiencies will be minimal.

Don't get too anal about the percentages. They are meant to be a guide. If your Protein is at 30% and your Carbs are 45% for a couple of days it won't make or break your diet. Keep your calories in line and adjust your diet to stay close to the macro percentages (Add more protein when you see a trend that it is too low, or subtract some carbs when you see they are too high, etc. ). Let the Fitday tools help you identify the trends so you can make the adjustments.
Yeah man that's great, good info.. But I don't quite understand the site, yet. I'm on that, I'll make a thread asking about some stuff I don't understand here.

Thanks a lot!!
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