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Well, I must say I've had very nice doctors who have adressed the issue with all respect (after all, let's face it, being overweight is not healthy), but what really bothers me is that some people expect you to be perfect just like that. I mean, if I have to drop 30 kgs, somewhere in between that weightloss I'm going to have to go to the doctor, and I will still be fat. It bothers me because I do eat healthy, much healthier than my family, for instance. When my skinny dad has stomach issues no one asks him if he's eating healthy, which he's not. In my case, they just assume I eat crap all day. Like I told my endocrine, if one day I eat a pizza, I will tell you because I'm not a marine, I'm a normal person and every once in a blue moon I like to go out with my friends and eat something good. But that's the exact reason why you have to believe me when I say I'm not eating junk.
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