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Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
I know right?? I'm asthmatic and three summers ago I had these horrible attacks where I just choked until I lost conciousness. I went from doctor to doctor until the last one told me that his colleagues were probably retarded and that the problem was not my weight, but the medication I was taking (which was up my lungs). Of course he told me that I should lose weight, we all know that, it's good for you, but last week I had my blood tests done and I don't have high sugar levels nor cholesterol, which should prove I'm eating alright. Somehow it's now enough, though.

Fortunately, though, today's was not my usual doctor, he's much nicer.
They could have killed you. At least one doctor was able to actually look in to why you were having the problem and not just assume it was weight.

The really sinister thing is that if you HAD choked to death because of their horrible attitude towards you and unwillingness to help you, they probably would have believed it was your fault rather than theirs. They wouldn't have cared and would probably have figured that was one less strain on the health care system. The attitude that society in general has toward fat people is a very evil, cold, and cruel one.

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