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Default I hate going to the doctor

I've been on antibiotics for the last three days and they were giving me horrible stomach pains and nausea so I went to the doctor today and she spent 90% of the time she dedicated to me asking me if I ate too much, if I ate a lot of junk, if I didn't do any exercise... I told her that I've been on a diet for a long time, that I've lost weight, that I eat healthy and that I exercise everyday and she just did not believe a freakin' word.
I hate this. Not all doctors, but many of them, just won't believe that I don't spend my day on my ass eating chocolates. But if you're not going to believe anything I say, why would you even ask? She told me to lay off the junk and I almost screamed at her I do not eat junk, just tell me what's wrong with my medication.
Any of you guys have similar experiences? It just makes me so mad how she treated me, disregarding everything I said, only because I'm fat (and you know, if you're fat, you must be a liar).
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