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So I ended up dropping off this for the past month -- with the flu, it threw me off course, and then work exploded -- both pathetic excuses, I know. But onward and forward.

I have realized that I need to get a better grasp on a work/life balance -- when work gets crazy, I tend to work long hours, then come home and do nothing, instead of going outside. I'm working on turning this around, and dealing with stress by going for a jog/walk/gym instead... it feels better by the end of it all.

I'm now at about 326, so I'm off from my target (d'oh), and hoping to land at the 323 mark by the end of February (the weight I wanted to finish Jan at).
28, male, 6'4
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5/18/2012: 315.2lbs
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10/05/2012: 305lbs
11/12/2012: 301lbs

Goal Weight: 220

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