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I'm a rather well endowed female as well and also really struggled with finding a good sports bra. What I ended up doing is wearing 2, my regular bolder holder which is a sort of heavy duty under wire affair, and then over that a heavy duty Hane's racer back (looks like an X across the back), it's a bit of a struggle to get on, but it adds quite a good squash factor to the situation. I also found a Rebok version that's pretty similar and it works just as well.

On the other issue I can highly recommend cranberry juice. If you don't already include it in your daily diet, you might give it a try. That little leaking problem can actually indicate that you have the beginnings of a bladder infection, since we carry the bacteria that causes bladder infections in our systems all the time you can exist at the brink of infection for the entirety of your life and one symptom of that is leaking. My grandmother was wearing Depends every day thinking she needed surgery and then she drank some cranberry punch at a social function. She didn't have a single incident for the next 2 days. So she bought herself a bottle of cranberry cocktail to see if it helped. These days she won't touch her first cup of coffee until she's had her 6 oz of cran-ras. Personally I don't care for the taste of cranberry juice, so I buy the mixed versions, I think cran-cherry is my favorite. Anyway my husband and I have 3 girls, so at least once/week I put cranberries in the kids lunchboxes, because the dried ones are almost as effective as the juice. And usually over the weekends I'll make breakfast with cranberries in it, pumpkin cranberry pecan muffins are AWESOME. Another way to get cranberries into your life is jello, mix a box of sugar free cranberry jello (orange, cherry, raspberry also work well) with one cup of hot water and 1 cup of cranberry juice, for a very light treat with side benefits. Believe me when we were in potty training mode with the girls, cranberries were the difference between a "good" day and a "rough" one.
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