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Welcome aboard and great job on losing the 21lbs!!!

On how to figure the "Total inches lost" you just add up all the inches that you've lost, or you can take the total inches you started with and subtract the inches you have left. Truthfully it's not a very important number.

I do log my sleep, because I'm short and I'm in my 40's, the fitday estimate for my daily calories tends to be high, and logging sleep helps me to get a more accurate estimate. We're all a little different, so if you don't need to figure that in, don't.

The reason your lifestyle calories go down is that the lighter you are the fewer calories you burn. It just takes more energy to get a 200lb woman out of bed than a 100lb woman, no surprise there right? It doesn't seem the least bit fair to me that the less you weigh the less you burn, but there you go. It's even less fair that men burn more calories in a given day than women. This makes me especially bitter when I'm running around cleaning house and my husband is sitting on the couch watching football.

I know "they" say that you can't gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, but I have news, "they" are wrong. I'm proof positive that it's possible to gain muscle while dieting, but then again I workout quite a bit, try to eat a fair bit of lean protein right after my workouts and I'm a woman. The people that go on and on about it not being possible to gain muscle and lose weight simultaneously, are typically men that want to lose their beer gut and "bulk" all on the same day, which at least on paper can be made to seem impossible. I suppose it could be true that the body can't manage both losing and building muscle in the same instant, but I do think that it could flip flop back and forth between the two on any given day. Have you ever noticed that right after you eat you feel sort of sleepy and sometimes cold? Well that's because when your body is digesting food it gives less energy to keeping you awake and warm, but it's still doing all three anyway. I suspect that losing and bulking are like that too. I've quite often felt achy from a hard workout and hollow like I'm starving to death on the same day, and if I have to suffer both feelings, it's only fair I get all the benefits of each right? LOL, I know I know it doesn't quite work like that.
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