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Default Several questions about tracking & measuring

Hi all! I have been using Fitday since early Jan. and exercising 5 days a week. In the last 8 weeks I have lost 21 lbs. It has been great to see my pants getting loose on me and I feel much better.

I have several questions that I am hoping I can find answers for here. I didn't see any other boards that look like they were the appropriate categories for my questions.

1- How do I calculate total inches lost? (I know how to do the actual measuring, but not how to figure the total). Is this just the number of inches on your waist or is it adding up the inches lost from specific areas of the body?

2- I see that some people enter sleep on their activities. I guess for tracking purposes this lowers the number of actual calories you expend during those hours? I have not been logging sleep and my weight loss seems pretty accurate (2-3 lbs per week) for my what I enter on my nutrition and activity levels. Is there a point that may change? Why do some people need to log sleep to be accurate and others don't seem to need to log it?

3- I have noticed that as I enter my new weight each week that my calories burned for lifestyle becomes lower. What happens if you are doing strength training and building/maintaining muscle? Is the lower calorie expenditure for lifestyle actually accurate since you burn more calories with muscle than fat? I know they say you don't really build much muscle when you are loosing weight, but I know have built some, because I can feel bicep muscles that never used to be noticeable.

Thanks for your help!

Starting weight (12/25/11): 217
Current weight (2/23/12): 196
Goal weight: 140
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