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Default Jumping Jacks?

Okay, I have two problems with jumping jacks.

#1: My chest. When I jump, my boobs bounce so hard that it makes my lungs expel air in little puffs completely seperate from my actual breathing. My husband could hear it today from 10 feet away, and when I tried to stop doing it by closing my mouth, it made me squeak instead. I sounded completely insane. Any tips on a bra that will REALLY hold the gals in place during high intensity workouts (things that involve jumping/running/kickboxing)? I have tried numerous sports bras and nothing seems to work.

#2: My bladder. Um...When I jump up and down, especially when I have to move my feet apart during the jumping, I leak. Like a sieve. It's not cool, it's not fun, and I want it to stop. I do kegels ALL THE DANGED TIME and I actually read somewhere recently that kegels may actually make the problem worse (?!??!). Any other ideas? Please? I don't want to have to wear diapers to work out!

I'm doing a workout regimen that has me do jumping jacks almost every day and I'm not sure I can keep up with it, but I *really* like the pacing and the amount of workout each day. If all else fails, maybe someone can suggest a replacement exercise that won't give me these issues? :/
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