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Just log them in and let the software figure the %ages. If they're way off, you can adjust the portions next time around. In general, carb sources won't give you enough protein to throw off the figures(legumes being an exception).

if you're eating the protein source with carbs, all the protein in both will be available. If you eat the carb source alone(say rice), very little of the protein will be usable by the body. This is the basis of combining proteins in vegetarian eating.

You need a certain ratio of each amino acid for a protein to be usable by the body. Eggs, milk and meats all contain AAs in more or less optimal amounts.

For vegetarians, they need to eat combinations that provide a proper balance. Example: Peanuts are low in certain AAS while wheat is high in those same AAS and vice versa=peanut butter on bread.
Beans and tortillas, beans and rice are other examples.

You can also add small amounts of milk eggs or cheese to a carb based dish to do the same thing.
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