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Question So I'm confused on how to count macros and calories.. :(

Ok guys so, my diet is supposed to be 25% protein, 50% carbs, 25% fats..

But I was wondering, should I count the protein that my carb sources (such as pasta and oatmeal) have? Or just the protein coming from my protein sources (such as beef or chicken)?

I don't know if I should just count the calories from the macronutrient that the food source is known as or the overall calories from it? (You know, pasta, potato and oatmeal are known as a carb source not protein source but they still have protein).

For example 50% from 600 calories on a meal should come from carbs. So if I want to use pasta for that meal, how many grams of pasta should I eat?

Thanks, this is really driving me crazy.

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