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Im here...started a spring break today so Im off for 11 days...good thing my walking partner is back...I was planning on a day off tomorrow but she wants to go off I go to!! Well the 270's didnt stay long...went back up the next day and havn't seen it since. Im trying really hard not to drive myself crazy...I had put the thought in my head that I wanted to be in the 270s by the end of the month...Im not going to do that again. Ive lost 2 pounds this week so far which is great...and if I didnt step on the scale every day I wouldnt know I had briefly hit my goal. Ive been watching the scale creep up .2 increments the last three days..which isnt good but overall still down 2 pounds...I should be very happy with that!! No more goals for the month...just taking it in 10 pounds increments that happen whenever they do!Remind me of this when I start talking goals again.......
Desertmountain I know what a rebounder is...they were very popular quite a few years ago...never could get the hang of those.
Speedyfair Im planning popcorn this weekend as my microwave popper..when I dont do it on the stove I grab that it at walmart. So easy to use!! and I control all the ingrediants.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!! To those who celebrate Easter...hoppy easter!!!!
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