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- "standing - bathing dog"

Burns about 57 calories in 15 minutes. No category for washing a cat. If anyone has ever attempted this feat, surely it burns at least double the amount that it takes for a dog. Omitting cats is a clear oversight as this dangerous activity is a proven calorie burner.

- "digging worms, with shovel"

I'm guessing that using your hands would be about the same? Anyway, since worms are a great source of protein this activity is a real winner.

- "excavating garage"

Huh? Excavate: remove earth carefully and systematically from (an area) in order to find buried remains. Has your garage gotten SO CLUTTERED that FitDay just cuts to the chase and calls it "excavating" rather than the more traditional "cleaning out"??

- "airplane repair"

This wouldn't be that startling except for the fact that it's listed under "Home Repair". And here it was you were wondering whether Hugh Heffner had a FitDay account!


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