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Hi Sara,

Yes, not too dissimilar stats except I'm starting heavier than you... ah well! I chose 10.10 (150lbs) goal as it was the highest weight I could be at 5'5" and still be in the normal bmi range. I can't remember when I was that weight, not since my late 20's I think. But that ought to be my goal, I will be thrilled to lose two stone though.

I'm liking the fitday, it lets me really track stuff with the right amount of obsession, but not to be too annoying to those around me. haha

I'm already down 2 lbs, I know that's all water, but still. I couldn't help getting on the scales this morning! I intended to only weigh myself weekly.

I am tracking carbs closely as I am a carb addict. Following a program called the Rosedale diet which I lost 20 lbs with a couple of years ago. I am trying to lose this weight for good this time (aren't we all...!) We'll see.

Good luck to all we Fabulous Feb Fat Fighters 2012!!

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