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yes, it can be used along with anything.

I have tried it but only in 2 cycles of 2-3 months. Mind you it is nothing like steroids or anything which is also cycled so it might sound similar.

It has been proven to increase lean mass and add a little water weight, but that water weight is in the muscles (not you bum!) so it actually makes them a little bigger which actually feels/looks good.

It works by giving you more energy, supplementing the cells normal creatine energy with even more creatine energy.

In my experience taking it it means you can lift more and work out longer without getting fatigued or light headed. However, I was taking too much (2 scoops a day instead of 1) which meant that I super saturated my body, a buildup of the creatine (or water) in my muscles around my shins meant it was sometimes painfull or sorewhen sitting or standing.

It will help you get easier gains which you wont necessarily lose once of it. The best thing to do is take it which a carb. which will help to load the creatine into the muscle. And I can't stress enough, drink a lot of water. Normal amount of water is 2-3 liters a day, with creatine consider 4-5 even 6.
I would take 2-3 liters just at a weight workout.

remember to load and then maintain saturation.

all the best with it!
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