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Ever watch 'Top Chef'? A cardinal sin is to undersalt food; it makes it taste 'bland.' Of course, that's only one aspect of flavor, but chefs undersalt, taste, and then add salt, taste, and so on, until the flavor is right.

You can control salt by cooking at home, not using processed foods, and 'undersalting' your food. Your tastebuds have to make the adjustment. Eventually, as I find with my elderly friends, your taste for salt will be so altered that you don't even notice it is missing. One friend makes eggs without salt and relies on the salt in salted butter to provide more flavor. She doesn't even own a salt shaker or a box of salt.

One of the worst offenders: store-bought bread and pastries. If you make your own bread, you can leave out salt and see what that tastes like. It IS different.

Then, when you go to a restaurant, prepare to make another adjustment. Chefs do salt food.

Potassium: drink coffee. Ever seen the potassium in coffee? It's there. Makes me glad I drink the stuff.
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