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I know a couple of people with it. Can't say about the metabolism but all the people I know with it have life threatening allergies and at least two of them developed it after having a severe reaction to something. Unfortunately one of them died from a test at the hospital which put a contrast dye made from shellfish into her blood stream. She was quite certain that her first incident of Raynaud's happened after a near death experience involving shrimp cocktail. Another of them has pretty good success avoiding certain food dyes, medications (Nsaids and mold based drugs) and milk, she also has to watch her sodium intake. And again she's quite certain that she started having Raynaud's after a near death experience involving an anaphylaxic episode brought on by something put in her IV at the hospital. So you might want to find an allergist and get a skin test, just a thought.

Um, wait aren't you a computer guy? Do you have carpel tunnel? You might want to try hand braces at night, believe me it really helps.
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