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Dar glad to hear your daughter is on the mend and a that you had a great interview. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Quinn Welcome back!!

Fit your so steady in your motivation I enjoy watching it.

Mea Welcome back Glad to hear this week is settling down and you can check in with us.

Mike I look forward to you Tori sparing it provides lots of entertainment. What will be this weeks challenge?

Tori Have fun but be safe at Mardi Gras

Wild heres to a strong week you can do it

Crazi slow and steady can be so frustrating but it's the best way Hang in there

Almeeker Those are some bought lent goals Best of luck

Here are my goals this week:

Calories revolving between 900-1400 (this is a new reduction for me in hopes to kick start some losing)
Cardio 5 x week
Weight Lifting 5 x week
Planking 5-7 x week
Some other additional physical activity 2-3 x week
Water 60oz daily

Good luck everyone!!!!!
Fitday re-re-start date: 1/03/13
height: 5'3
re-start wt: 136
Current wt: 136
goal wt: 120 even 125 by 4/27/13...when i do my first half marathon

the reason i do it:
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