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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
That's why I asked how long lent is! LOL ... I talk like a trucker sometimes.
40 long days and nights. I'm not a trucker, it's worse I'm like a pissed off construction worker. Growing up we weren't allowed to use any of that language in the house, my dad is a real stickler for clean speak. But my maternal grandfather was quick with a four letter word, even better he could string them together almost poetically, and he was FUNNY, like a short white Eddie Murphy with a red come-over. He died when I was 11 and my brothers and I sort of took to using his favorite phrases in his memory, of course only when dad wasn't around. Anyway then I went to college and ended up an architect, and seriously when you work in construction, it helps if you can string together a colorful sentence. Somehow that communicates a lot more clearly than a well written memo. It also helps to ease the gender gap if the guys understand that you aren't easily offended, which I'm not.
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