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April Thanks for the note my dd got really ill and we were in and out of the hospital and when that happens our priorities become totally focused on her health, plus there is no internet in our hospital so even the few times it quieted down I couldnít get on fitday. She started to stabilize on Friday and was fine yesterday and today seems well granted its only 9am but I think she is on the mend. On top of her health I got called in to interview with a company I really like and ended up trying to put my best foot forward in interviews while not looking and acting like an exhausted mess that the cat dragged in. I have been asked to come speak to them this morning so I am praying its good news. I hope all is well with you and the boys please pm me an update if you have time.

Quinn Glad You are well and back to motivate us! How is your Mom?I need to start fresh today I did not track anything after Tuesday of last week and I drank too much coffee and ate when I could which was after 11pm most days but thatís ok I am looking forward today.

Mary Glad you are back! Do you have any pictures to share with us from your trip?

Crazigerl Hi great job on resisting all those treats. Lol at your granddaughter being an adult in a five year old body itís funny how some kids are like that I work with kids at church and I am always impressed by the honesty and wisdom they possess at such young ages. Where abouts in B.C are you?

Amy Good looking goals I wish you luck on 40 days of no cheats but I am sure you can do it! I am chuckling at the no profanity does my friend have a potty mouth my future daughter in law struggles with this problem and she is always apologizing when sheís at our house and my son laughs because he says we are a good influence as she gets better all the time and the other day she was in their kitchen throwing around general rated curse words and he was like my mom would be so proud of you.

Hope Its nice to see you back good luck with your kick start plan!

Tori Please enjoy your vacation and call me when you get back home, click, lol I missed your humor last week!

Luv I think you are are doing great on your healthy lifestyle choices! Good luck this week.

I have to go shower and put on my best interview clothes and get my bottom to what is hopefully my last interview. On a good note my work clothes that fit when I was at my goal fit well enough (a few are a little snug) but I wonít need to buy to many pieces to go back to work. I hope you all have a great day and thanks to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers.

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