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Quinn, I like that : manageable chaos. I have a crock pot; I have to learn how to use it.
Wildb I love that: "just because someone else is eating doesn't mean I have to too." Amen to that for me.
Mary, so good to "see" you!!! How was Cuba? I love your 5 ways to be good to myself idea!!! Love it!!!
Amy I like the Lenten rules. And your beer was my wine last week and waaaaay more than what you had, I bet. I was actually lying on the bathroom floor trying to get the room to stop spinning. (I forgot: no wine and Lyrica) And I NEVER drink. (see: Lyrica)
Gerl your goals look good!!! Good luck on `em!!! You can do it!!! Slow and steady. Your granddaugther sounds amazing.

OK for me desperate times call for desperate measures. Since I cannot seem to get the eating under control, I am going extreme: trying Dukan YET AGAIN. It does help kick start me. Plus it makes me drink water and walk at least 20 minutes a day which brings me to my goals:

1) 6 glasses H2O daily. Come on, if I can't drink 48 ozs then I oughta cluck at a duck and sniff a truck (this is my imitation of Steven Tyler's odd {and more profane} sayings on American Idol, which I no longer watch.)
2) protein is my friend - eat this
3) sugar is not - don't eat that
4) Oat bran is yummy. Tell myself that as I eat it once daily.
5) 20 minutes or more of movement a day (I mean I'm not 90 fer goodness sakes and there ARE 90 year olds more active than me. In fact, I know at least 3.)
6) be a stretchy mama
7) write two hours minimum a day
8) stop being so pissed off at everyone which I'm telling you right now I failed Monday morning on a GRAND scale, an EPIC scale, hell, an OPERATIC scale, (chewed DH a new one, no, no, no two new ones while singing opera about "my rights") but will try for the rest of the day and the week. Yessir.
9) stop cleaning DD's room for her, you dirty (or clean?) little enabler you

Let's do this, folks! Whatever "this" is for you!!!

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