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I'm in

Weight/Exercise Goals Start 218.8

1. Keep under 1600 calories average for the week
2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day on Saturday and Sunday (that’s when I struggle)
3. Do 7 hours of physical activity this week.
4. Do more stretching.


1. Donate 5 pieces of clothing to goodwill.
2. Clean out make-up drawer and chuck all the old make-up, especially the glitter stuff.
3. Do something just totally for me.
4. Log something on Fitday at least once a day.

My food choices are pretty good lately, not having any wild cravings and can totally ignore the ju-jubes, cinnamon buns and granola bars DH bought home.
I’m trying to not get frustrated that I’m only down 2 pounds for Feb. so far. I think it has something to do with the exercise not being totally all out due to the rotator cuff and am learning to work around that.
Mt granddaughter says “slow and steady wins the race”. She’s an adult in a 5 year old body.
So have a great week everyone and thanks for letting me play.
Highest weight October 1st, 2011 247.6
Starting weight January 3rd, 2012 227.8
January pounds lost 7.8 = 220
February pounds lost 4.4 = 215.6
March pounds lost 2.6 = 213 (do better in April)
Total 14.8
Goal weight 160.4
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