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Thumbs up A great site with home remedies

I just found this site. I really like it because I'm already doing some of these remedies and they have worked for me. The reason why I think it's so good is not just because it *lists* home remedies, it allows users to rate their experiences. So it's a great way to find out what really works!


Good health!

Just to be clear, use your own judgement when checking out the remedies. Not all of them are sound in my opinion, and some are downright bizarre/unsafe. For example, somebody wonders about ingesting borax (the laundry detergent) for Lyme Disease (but doesn't actually go ahead and recommend it)

But as for using apple cider vinegar as a dandruff remedy and such, you'll find a lot of good advice. As adults I'm sure you can all make up your own minds as to what to try and not what not to even consider.

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