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Hey Melissa, Diane,

Good for you Melissa for holding your own, and standing up for what you believe in. I agree with all you say. The media does alot to create eating disorders. From the time I was your age (ahem, 20 yrs ago! ), plus sized models are much more mainstream now. They were non existent back then, and there were no plus sized clothing stores to be found anywhere. I was somewhere around a size 12/14 then (that was the biggest size you could find in a regular store), so I could find clothes, barely. Often too short though.... People who were larger had to resort to buying men's clothes, or have them custom made. So, things have changed - although it has been very very slow!

In the past I have done some very unhealthy things to lose weight. I am all about healthy now too. I have set a goal of losing 2lb/week - I wonder if this is realistic? Maybe initially, but I will do my best and see what happens.

Hang in there Diane, it takes time for our bodies to adjust to the changes before we see results. I too need to ramp up my exercise. Hang in there!

Something else I am doing is eating 5 small meals per day. I find this wards off overeating, and is supposed to keep the metabolism up - and at a steady BURN!
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