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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I don't know if this would help you or not Ruby but there was a lady at my work who was thinking about having gastric bypass surgery. She is in her mid-late 50's and was very worried about the loose skin. Her doctor told her that if it became a problem that they could medically recommend she have skin removal surgery for her health to avoid chafing and infections and that if medically recommended that her medical insurance would cover it as a necessary surgery instead of refusing as an elective procedure.

I will probably go this route to get a breast reduction when I am done. My gosh, the girls aren't doing very well at defying gravity already. It's gonna be like a tennis ball in a sock until all my weight is gone!
I wonder if they would do that for someone who didn't go the gastric bypass route though. I guess the only thing I can do is ask around. I might have to doctor shop until I find one who would be willing to recommend the skin-tightening.

I don't think that bariatric surgery like gastric bypass is the right decision for most people. Effectively all gastric bypass does is help people to control portion sizes, in my opinion. You can do that yourself with calorie counting.

It makes people's stomachs smaller, so they can't eat as much, but you can choose not to eat as much with a healthy, normal stomach too.

If someone is severely overweight and needs to lose it quickly for health reasons, that's another matter, but I think for most obese people, calorie counting and portion control is the way to go over re-arranging your insides permanently.

I saw an ad on here one time for a fluid people drink that partially fills their stomach for several hours that is supposed to safely mimic the effects of gastric bypass without the surgery, people on youtube were talking about using it and saying it worked well for them. I don't remember of the name of it but I think something like that would be preferable to mutilation of the digestive tract.

The idea of that kind of internal mutilation just gives me the chills.
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