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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
That's the tough part, and I feel your pain. I lost about 30 pounds and at that point was more depressed about my situation than when I was heavier. It's the frustration of wondering about when you're really going to see that "light at the end of the tunnel". And you beat yourself up for once being the 'old you', the one that has put you in this situation. It's a very tough place to be, I know. Then add to that the (temporary) skin problem and it's all compounded. So channel this negative energy into something positive; strike back harder in your efforts. Exercise more, whatever. There IS a light waiting for you.
Thanks. I think it's only temporary if I can somehow afford $25,000 surgery later which I don't know if I ever will, but at least I'll be at a decent weight one day. I went to a pharmacist and asked if there were any creams or even prescriptions that could tighten up loose skin and she said only surgery could fix that and that even toning exercises won't really do very much for it.

I'm planning on losing the rest of my weight and then waiting 2 years and seeing what I'm left with, it might not be as bad as I think it will be but if it's really bad to the point where I need surgery not to feel ugly that will still be frustrating.

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I don't know if this will be of any consolation. But I have started to wear camisoles that are stretchy under my clothes and it really makes me feel a lot more confident. They are almost like the top part of a swimsuit...

Thanks for the tip frenchhen. Right now my clothes are covering everything but it's good to know there are ways to hide it if it got worse.
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