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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
Does anyone dispute this finding or wish to add to this? Please feel free to do so. The goal here is to be accurate. Thank you.
Thanks for doing the research Vito. I wonder why the database would have info that would assume we're eating the peel?! ;->

Since I don't always have a scale handy, my question was how to measure the banana. I was curious because it was often hard to decide if I had "large" or "extra large" bananas.

So, should one measure the banana from tip to tip ("bypassing" the curve of the banana), or along the curve? And it along the curve, where, on the banana should you measure? the results could be quite different!

For the same banana:
tip-to-tip measurement = 5.75" = "extra smal'" = 72 cal
along the smallest curve = 6.25" = "small" = 90 cal
through middle of curve = 7" = "medium" = 105 cal
along the longest curve = 8" = "large" = 121 cal
weight (without peel) = 98 gr = 88 cal (I'm going to assume this is the most accurate measurement)

This means that when I don't have the ability to weigh my (unpeeled) banana, I measure along the smallest ("inside") curve of the banana.

hope that helps some folks out there.

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