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Default When in doubt, experiment with your macros

Originally Posted by splosh313 View Post
I'm very confused. I have absolutely no idea how to work out my daily limits for carbs, protein, fats, cals etc. Is it entirely down to personal preference? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

You might want to take a couple weeks with each ratio of c/p/f and see how you feel mentally, physically, GI regularity, etc. You have to find a plan that works for you in the long-term, and no cookie-cutter plan is going to necessarily work for you.

Just to illustrate that no two people's plans are alike, my ideal ratio is 45% fat and 20% or more protein, with the remainder carbs. However, I'm also a strength athlete and burn off a lot of fat naturally, so that's why it can work for me. You'll have to find something that fits your lifestyle and activity level without getting in the way of your daily life.

Good luck!

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