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@ toledodba25:

If you're averaging 40 grams of saturated fat a day, which is about double the recommended amount, you should at be eating more fiber. You're average is only 25 grams. I'd recommend upping that to 40 grams a day.
Why? Neither Mark Sisson or Barry Cripps appear to agree:

Fun With Fiber: The Real Scoop | Mark's Daily Apple

The Paleo Diet and Fiber Paleo Diet News

"Generally speaking, we would be looking at getting the bulk of our fiber (pun intended), from some low-glycemic fruits, and preferably some green, cruciferous vegetables. Regardless, I don’t believe that obtaining a significant amount of fiber from these sources is realistic, and therefore probably indicates that our Paleolithic ancestors didn’t actually get or NEED a large amount of fiber in their diets."
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