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Default What does Oz, dry yield after cooking under Unit drop down list mean


Wondering if you can help. I am just entering in chickpeas and am not sure which option to tick

I bought the seeds, soaked for 12 hrs, brought to boil, removed water etc etc and then let cool. No salt or anything was added in the process. I ate about 4 Oz ( weighed them after cooking) of them with a salad.

I selected Chickpeas, dry,cooked, no fat added in cooking
If I select 4Oz , I get the following - 204kcal, 3.4g fat, 34g carbs and 10.8 protein

If I change the Units to Oz, dry yield after cooking, it changes dramatically..

432kcal, 7.2g fat, 72g carbs, 22.9 protein
What is the difference and which one should I choose.

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