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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
Cassie, we've allowed a way for people to find those links and this information is available in our FAQ's.

@derpderpderp1: If you're eating that much pizza, that providing ballpark nutritional information when you create a Custom Food is not good enough, then in my opinion you really need to be rethinking what you're doing. Sorry but that's my opinion.
That's great I've been eating pizza once a week for a few months now and have been losing 1lb of fat per week of which was my intention. I know it is fat that I'm losing because I eat .75-1g of protein/lb bw a day and lift weights 3 times a week and they haven't gone down. I can eat anything I want to, still lose just fat and maintain my lifts. All I have to do is a little planning in advanced which entails what activities I would be doing that day and what I would be eating. I have stepped up my fat loss to 2lbs/week and even on pizza day I keep a 1000cal deficit unlike months previous when I was losing 1lb/week, I wouldn't have a deficit that day but still lose 1lb in a week. I do not need to be rethinking what I'm doing because I am doing this in the best way possible, losing lbs of fat and maintaining my lifts wile eating w/e. Of course if I intended to lose 2lbs/week and was not then I would have to rethink but this is not the case and I doubt it will be as I am very meticulous when it comes to this hence wanting to know specifically the calorie content for a 16" pepperoni pizza slice with no crust. For a long time I used Fitday's 1/8 of a 12" to log my pizza because I didn't care, the weight was being lost and then I decided to be more accurate so I logged it as 15" but now I want to be crystal clear by having the correct info for a 16" pepperoni pizza slice with no crust.

And rereading what you said I am unsure of my ballpark figure because it differs so much from Fitday.

Don't mind me I'm BiPolar.

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