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Terri Sorry to hear about your crash and burn weekend but happy to hear you bounced back quickly. I love chicken soup I think Cassie was eating it last week also but with all the veggies and lean protein itís got to be much healthier than a lot of other lunch choices.

Mike I think itís a combination of saggy skin and some muscle loss when I was at work I was always lifting and moving stuff around so I got a ton of upper body work and since itís been 7 months since I have worked I have started to notice a decline in my arm tone.

Mern If icecream is a sin I was in big trouble yesterday good thing I know were forgiveness comes from. Cereal is crazy bad for you if you eat whole bowl the way I do, the only cereal I eat now is bran buds and I weigh my 25grams and put it with yogurt or bananas no more large bowls of so called healthy cereal for me.

April I do not usually like shepherdís pie but no one has ever made it for me with roast and carrots that sounds like a shepherdís pie I would eat. Nice job walking away from the fudge.

Mern Thatís a parenting skill I am still working on it is so hard to watch your kids do things you know are not good choices for them and to hold your tongue about it.

I got a walk in I didnít hike as it would have been to hard to get home if I was needed to so we walked the waterfront. I spent 1.5 hours wearing out Kaya and I would not let her sleep she kept looking at me like what do you want me to do but she needed to stay up so I could stick her in her crate so dd didnít have to deal with her and that way they both slept while I was out. Thanks for your well wishes I think she just has a flu but when she gets a fever and dehydrated her electrolytes go all wonky which makes her bp drop and her pacemaker works overtime and that makes the passing out worse. If sheís well enough tomorrow we will go get her blood tested but I called the Dr and he said to increase her potassium and magnesium by 1 pill each and she takes a drug to increase her bp so we upped it and put her on the couch with oj and water, it just sucks because there is nothing I can do to help but she will get through it with a smile she always does. Have a great day and if you have sunshine go out and enjoy it.

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