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April, that's sweet that your son and GF could take being broken up for only a month. My daughter and her BF split a year ago and my 10 year old granddaughter told me this morning they're getting back together. I'm not happy about it because he's too immature for her and she coddles him too much to the point where she lets him use her and control her, but I can't my daughter's life for her, much as I'd like to. So I try to keep my opinions to myself but when I hear things I sometimes just tell her, "I'll bite my tongue and not tell you what I think."

Terri, oh, I see I misread your post. I see now you didn't say that you didn't log your food because you were ashamed--you said you didn't log ON. Well, when I'm cheating badly, I neither log my food NOR log on. So kudos to you for logging! That is praiseworthy, girl! Not joking! More kudos on working out Sunday and recommitting to a healthier and more in-control week this week! I wanna be like YOU when I grow up! Oh, your chicken rice soup sounds really delicious! Hard to know how much fat is absorbed into the broth but when your recipe makes such a large amount, you don't get all that much fat per serving anyway. Maybe I SHOULD try riding the horse, because I've been falling off the wagon too much. LOL Best wishes for sticking with those wonderful goals this week! Big hug to ya!

Tori, I was lucky to be able to avoid Subway today when I made a run there for my 16 year old GD who was supposedly home at my house sick, but gave me a huge smile when I offered to get Subway for HER. Now how big a stomach ache can one have to eat a 6" that included extra banana peppers and a medium pop? Glad you enjoyed your Mexican food. Hope you get in your walk before that wintry mix hits.

Mike, I get up 5-6 times a night on 60 oz. (small bladder, the docs tell me) but I can usually go right back to sleep if a need for a potty trip is all that wakes me. If I drank 128 oz. I'd have to spend the night on the toilet.
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