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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I'll be having a discussion with my GYN on 2/27 about this topic to see what her thoughts are. If she says anything useful I will be sure to post it!
Thanks I'm looking forward to hearing if she had to say anything helpful or not, even if she can recommend some kind of prescription cream.

Originally Posted by dar n View Post
Rubystars I also have had a lot of saggy skin on my journey when I was at my 135 goal I started to notice that as I maintained the weight that the skin over my knees and my arms started to look much better as muscle tone started to show. I have had no success with the tummy bag of skin but it has gotten smaller as my weight has dropped so its now a small flap of skin. I am in my mid 40's so my dr said that it would probably require surgery to fix.
Thanks for sharing about all that. At least I have some hope that it will get somewhat better, but I'm afraid it might get worse before it gets better since I still have a lot of weight to lose.

Congrats on getting to your goal weight
On the man concern I was very aware and uncomfortable in my skin my hubby said it didn't both him at all that he was confused at how I could have less confidence and yet be so much hotter(his words) so I think confidence is more important then some loose skin. I have learned to deal with how I feel about it using lingerie and when I want to wear skimpier clothes their are some great control products out their that are very comfortable. My trainer calls the skin a badge of honor and it should remind me of all the work I have done. I am sure you will meet the right man and he will be impressed at the work you have done so keep doing what is working for you and I am sure most of that skin will fix itself and once you have maintained for awhile you can decide what the best course of action is for you. Your story is awesome and 90lbs is a fantastic lose, congratulations.
Thanks for the advice and the praise.

I sometimes forget that I have lost a lot already because when I see myself in the mirror I still see someone who needs to lose a lot and so it's hard to feel any confidence about that.
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