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Luv, "Learn -> Understand -> Apply." What great advice and encouragement! Yup, I've learned and understand--it IS the applying that gives me the trouble. Thanks.

April, my sat fat goal is 12% of total calories. The number 25 is my usual limit of net carbs (carbs less fiber) and is also my usual target for fiber grams. Both those targets are from what my doctor and I worked out together to fit my personal needs to control my blood sugar and reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides without medication. Your weight loss last week was absolutely fantastic! Cogratulations! I still maintain that fat weight and water weight look the same, so no matter what it was made of, you still lost 8.8 lbs. Congrats, also, on mastering the salt and diet coke. I see you are continuing those really strong, beneficial goals this week. Kudos on that--you are rockin' it, girl! Aw, so sorry to hear about the fight your son got into, but as you already stated, maybe some good will come of it since the RN gave him the same speech about finding a way to address his problems besides taking them out in anger against someone else. That support and fortification of parental advice goes a long way. I hope your other son has a wonderful time at the Valentines dance. So cute. Valentine's Day is my live-in GD's and her boyfriend's first anniversary of going together. They celebrated yesterday at a nice Italian restaurant yesterday, though, because she has to work Tuesday.
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