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Goodness, you guys, I was a total fat chick this weekend on Friday night and through Saturday. I fell off the wagon and then was dragged behind it rubbing my face in the mud. My choices this weekend included (food porn in white):

An entire large Pizza Hut pizza with chicken, red onion, green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes. At least it was thin crust???

Four pieces of fried chicken breast with three Hawaiian bread rolls

Half a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms

Chicken and Dumplings slow-cooked with full-fat cream of chicken, heaps of cheese, with extra mashed potatoes on the side just for more carby fun.

Oh, and a six pack of non-light beer

I don't even know what happened. I made the chicken and dumplings for BF (his favorite meal) and then it was like my inner fat person went hog-wild and the good me lost consciousness on Saturday. I just kind of "cut loose" and spent the entire day on the couch Saturday bathing in food. I'm not depressed or anxious, in fact, I've been in a fantastic mood, so I really have no explanation for the binge. I'm up to 160.4 this week but goodness knows if it's real weight, salt, or something in-between. I honestly didn't log on because I knew I was doing badly and I was ashamed of myself

The only good news is that I did log EVERYTHING to the best of my ability, and Sunday I woke up feeling really renewed (sadly, I didn't even have a "food hangover" or anything). I was able to just kind of... shake off the day and I'm left to wonder about why it even happened. I got in a workout on Sunday and did a bunch of errands with all the extra energy I had, and I recommitted myself to a healthier and more in-control week this week.

I made my first ever homemade chicken soup recipe on Sunday, too!! -- from stock to completion -- and it should be enough for lunches all week (barring lab meeting day) and if the recipe calculator is right, it's only about 230 calories a serving. It's hard for me to guess on soups because I don't know what all is absorbed in the broth, but I cooked the chicken with no skin and as much of the fat removed as I could (I did use bone-in chicken thighs mixed with breasts for more flavor, and I couldn't get rid of ALL of the fat without mutilating the meat). The rest of the recipe included celery, onions, and carrots in the stock (I removed the onion and celery after making the stock and just sliced the cooked carrots to add back in) and about 1 cup uncooked (2 cups cooked) rice to fill out the soup volume, then I sprinkled fresh parsley to finish it off. I used white rice rather than whole-grain because BF hates brown/whole grain rice and I wanted him to eat it too (which he did on Sunday to rave reviews), but otherwise I felt like it's a fairly healthy, if simple, soup. It made a total of 7-8 cups and I divided that into 6 servings. I'm also proud of myself because I used the leftover chicken from chicken-and-dumplings and I've been trying to be more conscious about using leftovers creatively.

Anyway, I'm just going to jump back on the horse and leave Saturday alone. If I could get back down to 158 this week I think I'll consider it a win! Big hugs to those that need it, and for those that are falling down like me, perhaps we can help each other back on the horse?

Weekly Goals

Food, Exercise, Lifestyle Goals

1) Keep calories between 1200 and 1500, with an average for the ween between 1200 and 1300
2) Exercise 3-4 times this week
3) Calorie deficit of at least 5000
4) At least 80 oz. of water daily. More is better.
5) Protein average between 25-30% for the week.
6) In bed by 11:30 every night
7) No more than one lunch and one dinner out this week (This will be really hard this week, considering V-day)
8) Weigh in daily and report here!!

Other Life Goals

1) Make an effort on my appearance every day
2) Don't sweat the small stuff
3) Get in four job applications
4) Write down something wonderful that happens every day
5) Perform one random act of kindness a day (Did you all know it's "Random Act of Kindness Week" officially in the USA?? I didn't even know that existed!)
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