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Mike Ok I will replace my every night squats with 1 night arms/1 night squats, I am getting saggy arms anyway, lol.

Pam I think walking for lunch with your co-worker is a great idea. Your ski trip sounds wonderful I canít wait to see your pics.

Kay My weekend fell into a bucket of ice cream so I am also not dwelling on the past but really need to find some passion for my plan this week also.

Cassie My hubby sleeps exactly 6 hours and 15 min its odd I have always teased him he has never needed an alarm clock he just wakes up and when its bed time he lays down and poof heís asleep I envy his ability to have mastered something I have struggled with my whole life. He is always well rested the only problem he seems to have is if I (and its always me) keep him up past his bedtime he cannot sleep past 5:15 so he will need to nap that afternoon to catch up on the sleep he claims I stole from him,lol.

Ashlie I can be the same way when my food derails often so does my energy level and itís a vicious circle if I am sitting around I snack if I snack I sit around. Do not let your bad eating keep you away from us though I really find my bad days are fewer because I do post and everybody encourages me or just relates their struggles which make me feel better and I get back on track faster.

Tori You have mentioned migraines a few times and my Dr started me on Relpax about a year ago I do not get migraines often and they seem linked to my insomnia but this drug has worked well for me so I thought I would share I know how frustrating living with migraine is and you have mentioned having a few lately, hope it passes soon.

Amy I hope your bunny is prego it will be interesting for your kids to go through this experience. I hope you find some passion for your exercise and goals this week.

Mern Nice Sunday numbers mine were horrible do you know how many calories and carbs are in country cream vanilla icecream it was shocking but hopefully I learned my lesson just so you know there is a reason half a cup is a serving because if not you eat 4x your carb goal for one day in a bowl.

Luv I like your Mother Theresa quote and your kissy fish.

April awesome job on the weight loss. Sorry your son didnít have a good night hopefully today will be better for him. I know the banana and bran with a little milk tastes so good I will eat it for a snack!

I think I am going to have banana and bran for breakfast. It is beautiful out and its supposed to be a hike day but dd is very sick and due to her illness she needs supervised so unless she feels much better this afternoon I won't be able to leave her. I am going to try to clean my fridge out today it's a job I do not really enjoy but I did it when Tori did hers so I figure since Cassie did it this weekend I will just follow your guys lead and it will stay tidy. Have a great day everyone.

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